About Us

US Underground was established with the goal of providing exceptional quality work that exceeds expectations in the underground industry. We offer reliable, well-trained crews specializing in horizontal directional drilling. We are proud of our commitment to safety, quality, integrity, and dedication to the needs of our clients.

We have experience in gas, water, electricity, communication, conduit construction, and gravity sewer. We use the latest technology and highly refined methods to complete jobs with extreme precision and speed in the most challenging situations. We can safely and accurately drill cross-country, under city streets, river crossings, railroads, and other critical structures. Using highly innovative techniques we can bore in all types of soil including: dirt, clay, sand, rock, and fractured formation. Our experience ranging from small to large pipe, single to multi-ducts in all sizes, gives us confidence in our ability to complete any project.

We can get to your job quickly and opperate efficiently when time and quality are critical.  Please contact us if we can ever be of assistance. We look forward to speaking with you regarding any of your potential projects.